Lizzy + Rob [Wedding]
It’s incredibly difficult to give any words that encapsulate any wedding day and do it proper justice. Knowing this full well, I still must try and give you a glimpse. Lizzy and Rob’s wedding was so full of love and beauty, and I’m still not over it. At their rehearsal, friends and family toasted them […] Read more – ‘Lizzy + Rob [Wedding]’.
Elizabeth + Joseph [Wedding]
No amount of December snow was going to hold back these two. Joseph and Elizabeth are so full of love for each other and their community and their day perfectly reflected that. It’s always a treat to be back in Columbia and the best reason is for a wedding! Here’s a glimpse into the day: Read more – ‘Elizabeth + Joseph [Wedding]’.
Adam + Ashley [Wedding] :: Estes Park, CO
Adam and Ashley got married on a perfect Colorado day. I guess that’s how most days are in Colorado. Adam is the biggest Chief’s and Royals enthusiast I know and he was lucky enough to find a girl who is patient enough to, not only put up with that, but to take on some of […] Read more – ‘Adam + Ashley [Wedding] :: Estes Park, CO’.
Brooke + Nick [Wedding]
It’s always nice working with a bride who has wedding planning experience. It’s also always nice to visit Columbia, MO, where I called home for six years. Brooke and Nick’s wedding was great. So many friends and family around to witness their vows. Good food, good friends, good music, can’t lose. Congratulations Brooke and Nick! […] Read more – ‘Brooke + Nick [Wedding]’.
Heather + Matt [Wedding]
Heather and Matt’s wedding was my first wedding here in Memphis… and what a great one to kick it off. Their wedding was at the amazing Metal Museum right by the river. We started the day off with pictures at Heather’s parents’ house. I love that my job takes me into other people’s lives to […] Read more – ‘Heather + Matt [Wedding]’.
Laura + Eric [Wedding]
Laura and Eric are so kind. Shooting their engagement pictures and wedding was an absolute joy. I love that doing this sort of photography develops a friendship so quickly, and that I get to make new friends through it. They just trusted me and set me loose, and awesome things happened. Their wedding was absolutely […] Read more – ‘Laura + Eric [Wedding]’.
#Werming 2012
#WermelskirchenWedding2012 #WermWedding2012 #Werming2012 This was the first wedding that I’ve shot where the bride AND groom didn’t want to go outside because the humidity would mess up their hair… and dang… check out that fro! Crazy-awesome day hanging out with all these people. A special thanks to Jordan (on right) for second shooting with me. […] Read more – ‘#Werming 2012’.
Cory + Hannah [Wedding]
If you haven’t seen Cory and Hannah’s engagement pictures, you should look at those first. Then you should enjoy these. This wedding was on my first day as a full time freelancer… and by that I mean it was the day after my last day of work for the university, so there was something exciting […] Read more – ‘Cory + Hannah [Wedding]’.
Ian and Amanda
Here is a post that is way over due… Ian and Amanda totally killed at the end of June. Check it out: Read more – ‘Ian and Amanda’.
Aaron and Christie Castillo
Aaron and Christie got married in March. Shooting their wedding was really special to me, as Aaron and I have been good friends for a few years now. He’s hilarious and super easy going. Christie is a rockstar news anchor up in Illinois now. They met as neighbors. Aaron and I have been in the […] Read more – ‘Aaron and Christie Castillo’.
Happy Anniversary, Tyler and Becca
A year ago today, two of my best friends, Tyler and Becca, got married. I had the incredible honor of photographing their wedding. They invited over some close friends last night to share with them their anniversary and anniversary cake. Surprisingly, year old cake is still delicious, if preserved correctly. There’s something really special about […] Read more – ‘Happy Anniversary, Tyler and Becca’.
Chris and Nia
Chris and Nia’s wedding was in March. It was snowing and a brutal sort of cold. Nia is a warrior and dealt with the cold no problem. I think she made Chris and I look like the wimps. This wedding was particularly special to me, as Chris has been a good friend of mine since […] Read more – ‘Chris and Nia’.
The Glosson Wedding
Continuing my recap of the year, here are some images from the Glosson Wedding, which took place… somewhere in Kansas. Daniel is hilarious and Lori was probably the most laid back bride I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They are part of my church family. D300 + Lightroom + VSCO (Most shots with 50mm […] Read more – ‘The Glosson Wedding’.
Katie and Daniel
So I decided I would spend some time this month going through and picking my favorite wedding images from the year. Last week I posted Barbara and Steele’s pictures, so I guess I’ll just work backwards from there, since I’ve completely restarted with the blog stuff. Katie and Daniel’s wedding was on a very warm […] Read more – ‘Katie and Daniel’.
Barbara and Steele
Barbara and Steele are awesome. I’ll let the pictures say the rest. Read more – ‘Barbara and Steele’.
Barbara and Steele – Preview
Just a quick preview as I’m finishing up the Shippy wedding… I usually try to avoid the really trendy things that I see a ton of wedding photographers using. I will typically view them skeptically from afar. I saw a lot of people using the “VSCO” something or another and to be honest was totally […] Read more – ‘Barbara and Steele – Preview’.