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Horizon 202 with Ilford HP5+
I took a second run at developing my own film. Since only changing one variable (the film used) wasn’t enough, I went ahead and switched up the camera, too. This camera is a crazy Russian camera called the Horizon 202. It’s a 35mm “swing lens” panoramic camera. Check out this video below to see what […] Read more – ‘Horizon 202 with Ilford HP5+’.
Baby Allison
One of my best friends, Trevor, had his first child last month. After about a thousand hours of labor, his wife, Alisha gave birth to a healthy baby girl with a whole ton of hair. So much hair. I used to be really freaked out by babies. They just seemed so fragile and I felt […] Read more – ‘Baby Allison’.
Kevin and Holly Mattice
Kevin, Holly, and Maverick are awesome. Kevin wanted to give Holly a family portrait session for her birthday. This is what happened: #boom Read more – ‘Kevin and Holly Mattice’.
The Way the Light Falls
Sometimes I’m just in awe of the way the light falls… Read more – ‘The Way the Light Falls’.
The House Guests
I had the pleasure of photographing The HouseGuests, which includes my good friend and house mate, Jack. Him and his crew were kind enough to get me a press pass for the event at The Blue Note. Read more – ‘The House Guests’.