Already Hooked on VSCO Film 3

by Keith.

I got the email today announcing VSCO Film Pack 3 today. Because I’m unabashedly hooked, I went ahead and got it (holler for the loyalty club). I’m already hooked. Check out this quick sample from below. Also note, this is a sneak peek at Amanda and I’s engagement shoot that we did all by ourselves (with a tripod and remote… more on that later).

Straight out of camera:

Original Image

VSCO Version (PX-70 Warm):
VSCO Version

A note for photographers. They separated out the new presets into “Professional” and “Consumer” which I thought was a really great idea. The consumer ones are a lot crazier, but the above example was from the “Consumer” set and I wouldn’t be worried to hand over that image to a client.

D800 + 24-70 2.8 + VSCO Film 3 + Adobe Lightroom 4