The Last Month

by Keith.

I know that you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to over the past month… so let me tell you.

I hit the ground running over at City Leadership, as soon as I was available, I was put to work. I’ve got two really big web projects that will both launch next month, so stay tuned.  I’m really excited to share them, but I think it’d be more exciting to see them done then to hear about them now. Cliffhanger!

I’ve had a pretty big realization from my move (preface: I love Columbia. I think Columbia is an amazing town, full of amazing people). Columbia is transient. Especially the 20-something crowd. Everyone is on their way to somewhere else. It doesn’t feel very rooted. Maybe once you’re in your 30’s or have a family, I don’t know, but living there as a 20-something, you’re always wondering when your best friend is going to take off to live somewhere else. Here in Memphis though, if you’re a 20-something and living here, you’re here for a reason… especially if you moved here and didn’t necessarily grow up here. This town is so full of people who are here to stay and want to better this place.

I’m proud to announce that I am a Memphis Grizzlies fan now. I’ve never really had any NBA affiliation… so I’ve adopted the Grizzlies as my team. People who know how hardcore I am about sports will appreciate this. #sportsandstuff

Huge achievement: I’ve been here 3 and a half weeks and have actually lost one whole pound of body weight. Anyone who has visited Memphis and eaten the food here will understand. If you don’t understand, get here. You’ll see.

I get asked a lot, “How is living closer to your girlfriend now?” and to that I say, “It’s awesome.” Being long distance is terribly difficult. My sympathies to those who have to do long distance. I’m glad that we don’t have to do that now. She is a real blessing. She is so very thoughtful and so very patient. It’s funny that about 6 months ago, I sent her a text that said, “What if I move to Memphis?” (this was during a confusing time of “are we crushing on each other right now?”)… trying to gauge her reaction, while also dropping hints. Fast forward, boom, here I am. Best decision I’ve made in a long time.

I miss you friends and family that are not here in Memphis with me. I’m sorry if I’ve been slow or unresponsive. It has been difficult to keep up with work and correspondence. Keep at me though. I don’t want to lose contact. Thank you for your patience with me.

Side note: I have a photography project that I will be announcing soon. It has a web component to it also, so it might be a while before the whole thing is up and running, but you’ll see. I also have a whole backlog of photography things from Columbia that I still need to share. Some of my best work yet.

Here is a visual recap of what’s been going on in the past month….

I moved from Columbia, where beautiful sunsets are bountiful.
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyI visited Lee’s Summit.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyPeyton turned 2.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyLook at this guy!
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyAnnie cut vegetables.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyI found the light.
Keith Montgomery PhotographySkewer Monocle. Skonocle.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyA cooler was washed in a shower. Because that’s how we do.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyMy awesome friends attended my go away party.
Keith Montgomery PhotographySMOOTY!!!
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyMy parents helped me move down to Memphis. I didn’t take many pictures in the process, I was a little busy moving boxes and stuff, but I did get this shot of my mom’s famous “I’m on the phone but I still think you’re funny” face.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyI helped Amanda set up her classroom:
Keith Montgomery PhotographyWe went to a show at Otherland’s. The Memphis Dawls opened up for the Vespers. This is the MD below:
Keith Montgomery PhotographyAnd this is party Mollie.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyAnd this is The Vespers. They were great.
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyWe went to my first Redbirds game. The Redbirds are the Cardinal’s Triple-A team. There was no Triple-Mr. T there though.  #bazing!
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyRedbird took Brian’s phone and hung up on his call. Since his bird hands aren’t touch screen friendly, he had to use the hand of some dude sitting in front of us. #awkwardbird
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery Photography

…Kid’s Corner… now with beer!
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyMemphis Bus ess ournal
Keith Montgomery PhotographyI found more light:
Keith Montgomery PhotographyThen…. THEN, I went STL and found these two:
Keith Montgomery Photography And this oneKeith Montgomery PhotographyAnd this is how we felt about it.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyBut then we remembered it was this guy‘s wedding day.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyWe played in a really fancy hotel room and remembered why we cant have nice things.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyBecca worked it.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyWe self portraited.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyTHIS GUY!
Keith Montgomery PhotographyWhoa…. not sure what this girl is doing with me but I’m not complaining.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyAnd then Papp showed us his serious face. We were all impressed.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyGroup Picture!!!!
Keith Montgomery Photography

Open bar what?Keith Montgomery PhotographySTL Skyline.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyOne of my besties.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyTwo more besties.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyA chandelier…
Keith Montgomery PhotographyThen we drove back (the next day)…
Keith Montgomery PhotographyNext 4 Photos by Amanda (she is getting good):
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyInk!
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyJosh got patriotic.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyThis one is Amanda’s too. She likes to try to peal off all the clementine skin in one piece. It’s a game. She didn’t tell me the name of it, but if I was in charge of naming it, I’d probably name it something like “the one piece game.”
Keith Montgomery PhotographyThe place where this semi was also had an “Indian Cuisine and Tire Repair Shop”… not even kidding…
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyDoes this electricity thing look like a goat to anyone else?
Keith Montgomery PhotographyWhen we got back, we went to the food truck rodeo.
Keith Montgomery Photography“How are the fish tacos?” “Sweetie, you are going to LOVE them… and I’m not just saying that.” #actualconvo
Keith Montgomery PhotographySurprise! Fish Tacos! They didn’t disappoint.
Keith Montgomery PhotographyAnd now some friend faces.
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery Photography
Keith Montgomery PhotographyAnd my face
Keith Montgomery PhotographySo Josh… what do you think of this blog post?
Keith Montgomery Photography

oh ok. cool.