29 Years of Life and Love

by Keith.

Today is my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary.
As a wedding photographer, I have a certain affinity for love stories. It probably has to do with the fact that my whole upbringing and home life was one that was rooted in love. From the ways my parents looked after me and my sisters and taught us to love each other, to the way my parents always show their love and affection for each other in words and actions. It has always been around me. I am blessed.

Seriously, my dad still hides presents for my mom to stumble across. He does this for my sisters and me sometimes, too. He has to be the most thoughtful man I have ever known.
And my mom, she’s the care taker. She is the one that makes sure everyone is doing ok. All the time. And she’s one of the busiest women I know! Somehow she knows how to fit 27 hours into every day.
I love seeing my parents, 29 years after they said “I do”, in love more now than ever.
Seriously, look at this:


Anyway, all this to say I am blessed beyond words for these two. Blessed by their love for each other. Thanks Mom and Dad.