Update: My Life Edition

by Keith.

There’s not real good way to intro this, so, I’m announcing a huge change in my life: I’m moving to Memphis

and I’m both scared and excited in ways I have never been before.

As news has trickled out to friends and family, I’ve received an overwhelming amount of encouragement, and I cannot begin to express how blessed I feel because of it all. Everyone along the way who has asked me to take photos for them, who has passed my name along to a friend, who has pushed me to do this: Thank you. I know I have a strong support system going onto this next step.

I am sad to leave Columbia, my home for the past 6 years, and all of my friends there. I am sad to leave Missouri and be further from my family. I am sad to leave a really good situation at CAFNR and leave my wonderful coworkers. It is time, though, to see what comes next.

So, why Memphis?

Well… there’s a girl. Isn’t that the way it goes? She is wonderful and her name is Amanda. If you’ve known me long you probably know her too, we’ve been friends for a long time now. It’s only been a few months that we’ve been pursuing each other, but in order to progress in our relationship, we need to be in the same town.

Also, it is time for me to begin to pursue freelance photography. Over the past 4 years I’ve shot about 25 weddings and racked up countless hours of other freelance gigs, and have become so fond of creating meaningful images for people. I was struck with this phrase a while ago:

I want to be a truth bearer.

…and the way that I see that manifest in my life at this current juncture is through photography. I want to hold up the mirror of photography and show people how beautiful they are… how awesome it is to be human… and also, when the time is right, how difficult life can be. Weddings are such a pure symbol of love and joy and beauty and I want to continue to work in that realm. I also want to delve deeper into the truth of hardships and display that to the world as well, always keeping an air of hope.

At the beginning of August I will officially be a Memphian.

I am also going to be working part time with an awesome organization called City Leadership and their most recent venture: Tonic Media Lab, as their website geek. I am super excited about this opportunity to work with some amazing people and do some awesome things for the city of Memphis.

God is good. I am learning to take risks and trust in Him. I don’t know where all this is going and that is exciting (and scary) to me. The way the path has lead me thus far is not what I could have guessed or expected, and truth be told, it’s better than I could have conjured up in my own mind.

I would appreciate your prayers in all of this, that my trust would continue to grow and that I would be responsive and present as the Lord continues to work in me.

Again, thank you everyone who has encouraged me along the way. I needed that more than you know.

Cheers, here’s to some change!