Polarize Everything!

by Keith.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of polarization lately.

Democrats vs Republicans
Conservatives vs liberals
Mizzou vs kU
Christians vs Atheists
Prolife vs Prochoice
Anything! Everything!

Every issue can become so easily polarized… so easily binary. This or that. Me vs you.

I know that there is a “moderate” safe ground between a lot of these issues, but anyone passionate about either side would probably say that is just siding with indifference, or “you just don’t care enough…”

I know I can be a bully about my opinions and leanings. I don’t want to be. I want to be part of the conversation and conversations are different than arguments.

I think it is especially scary when it becomes polarizing between believers. When people say they are believers they are FIRST citizens of heaven, second, they are citizens of this world. This is a crucial mindset. Therefore, when believers enter into these discussions (or arguments or arguments disguised as discussions), they must be mindful that the person are talking with is first are foremost part of their kingdom.

I feel bad because I know I’ve had a lot of conversations lately about polarized issues. It’s hard not to in an election year. I don’t feel bad that I’ve been part of these conversations, rather, I feel bad that I’ve let secondary issues dictate feelings or emotions about people who are brothers and sisters of mine! I hate that I’ve made other issues more pressing than the gospel. I have so much room to grow in this regard.

When I’m in a group of people, I feel it is my responsibility to be a part of facilitating discussion. That includes making everyone feel a part and welcomed and loved and respected. When things get polarized people can easily get victimized. I’ve been a part of people feeling victimized for their opinions or beliefs. I have not done all that well lately in respecting everyone’s opinions.

All this to say, if anything I’ve said, tweeted, posted to Facebook, whatever, has made you feel bad or attacked, I am sorry. I also hope that if you can relate to the things I’m saying, I hope you don’t think or feel less of me because of my opinions. I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. Democrat, liberal, artist, geek, whatever it is that I am, I hope that you see through this and accept me as your brother first.

I think I’ve lost sight of what the real goal is. Who my real team is. Forgive me. Please. I don’t say that in jest, I mean it. I’m working on it.

And maybe we just need bigger problems in our face that will help to bond us together. Help us feel like we are fighting toward something together… Disturb Us, O Lord.