Barbara and Steele – Preview

by Keith.

Just a quick preview as I’m finishing up the Shippy wedding…

I usually try to avoid the really trendy things that I see a ton of wedding photographers using. I will typically view them skeptically from afar. I saw a lot of people using the “VSCO” something or another and to be honest was totally compelled. I’ve seriously tried every film simulating plug in I could find, and this is the first one that has given me the results that I’ve been looking for. Check ’em out http://visualsupply.co/

The way that they split the tones in the highlights and shadows just feels more authentic to me. The grain isn’t as specific and adjustable as other plug-ins (like Alien Skin or DxO Film Pack) since it just uses Lightroom’s grain, but that doesn’t really bother me.

Anyway, all that being said, the preview. (More to come very soon)