Let’s All Feel Superior – NYTimes.com

by Keith.

Check out this article from the NY Times. My coworker mentioned this article to me and my initial reaction was that it sounded like we are giving Paterno a pass, letting passivity win because we are all, at root, passive. I felt that way half way through reading the article too but toward the end had a change of heart. I think that the author is really on to something.

But we’re not Puritans anymore. We live in a society oriented around our inner wonderfulness. So when something atrocious happens, people look for some artificial, outside force that must have caused it — like the culture of college football, or some other favorite bogey. People look for laws that can be changed so it never happens again.


I hope and pray that if/when a time comes that I need to be a voice for the voiceless, I stand firm. I think that needs to be all of our prayers.


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